The House of Boda, story so far....


event_imageI first started exploring, and then teaching people in earnest how to match beer with food, over ten years ago.  I learnt my passion and eagerness to explore beer and food pairings when I was managing the drinks side of the iconic White Horse pub in Fulham. The White Horse was the first pub in the UK to place beer alongside wine on its menus, and I recognised immediately that beer was as good a match to food, if not better.

As is usual with me, I started to try and convert everyone around me to my new found passion, and I got many strange looks and dismissive comments from my friends, particularly the wine lovers amongst them – I remember one Master Of Wine saying “I don’t really see the point of beer”. Back then, I was only pushing the boundaries as far as English bitters with Sunday roasts and stouts with oysters – that was strange enough sounding to most people.

Over the years, and especially since founding The House of Boda, I have tried to convert more and more people to better beer, telling them that beer is more than drinking pints in the pub and that it can be matched with almost any food. People have become less surprised with beer and food matching, in fact it’s become almost mainstream along with the rise and rise of craft beer. Lots of people are holding beer and food matching sessions and exploring the amazing selection of varieties and flavours of modern beers. An English bitter matched with a Ploughman’s is old hat now – so 2010, people are pushing the boundaries as much as possible.

At The House of Boda we constantly push ourselves to innovate and embrace new beers, cuisines, formats and combinations – the delight of finding new matches is the same today as it’s ever been. I’ll never forget the delight of finding out that Troubadour Magma sings with passion fruit Eton Mess or the slightly more humble Tribute is transformationally incredible with truffle mash.  We have been thrilled to work with top chefs such as those at Cinnamon Kitchen and curate whole menus at some great London restaurants.  Whilst shunning gimmicks we want to remain true to our mission to convert more people to try the unusual.

As we have now got our own venue in Out Of Office, we will be looking to pair with exciting food producers and to push ourselves even more.  New base, new website and a multitude of people wanting to work with us on exciting projects, 2016 will be an incredible new chapter for The House of Boda. Looking back over the past ten or more years we’ve come a long way – beer and food matching is here to stay and we still want to lead the way.