The House of Boda in Time & Leisure Magazine

The House of Boda were recently invited to be interviewed by our local premier lifestyle magazine Time & Leisure.  115,000 copies went out to sophisticated urbanites and families plus 10,000 weekly e-newsletter readers in South West London and Surrey.

T&L Meets: Philip Harding

What should beer be drunk with food? Co-founder of House of Boda teaches how to match delicious beer with delicious food….

What inspired you to start House of Boda?
My passion is great food and drink. I wanted to tell people how great beer was and how well it matched with food. We are surrounded by fantastic beers, and beer and food matching has become much more mainstream. We are evangelical about great beer and what it should be drunk with – there are still many people who need to be converted!

Why did you choose to be located on Lavender Hill?
All of us live in south west London, the demographics are fantastic around here and I really think that Battersea and Clapham are becoming a lot more exciting in terms of food and drink.

With all these local micro breweries opening up, are we in a golden age of beer?
We certainly are. Compared to even five years ago the range and quality of beers is amazing, not only domestically but internationally. In our own area, we have so many breweries and distilleries to be proud of: Mondo, By The Horns, Sambrooks, Wimbledon, the lists goes on. People nowadays want provenance and quality, and we offer that.

What can people expect from a tasting?
At The House of Boda we concentrate on beer and food matching, so when you come to one of our tastings you’ll not only be educated about different styles of beer, but also what kind of food to drink it with. We have many different formats, the most popular being cheese and beer pairing. However, we always want to innovate and we are currently developing a dim sum and beer matching format which is proving to be really popular.

What’s your favourite beer?
Ah, the age-old question! It totally depends on the occasion – but if you told me I could only drink one beer for the rest of my life, it would be Jaipur IPA by Thornbridge.

Beer and food pairing with Fowl Mouths Japanese popup at The King and Co

Beer and food pairing with Fowl Mouths Japanese popup at The King and Co